Follow Friday: BlackBerry News and Opinion from the Twittersphere


This week was particularly special for BlackBerry and Twitter as Twitter are hosting their official conference called Chirp. At the conference we learned a lot about Twitter for BlackBerry, and the awesome impact it has had on the Twitter service. Here are just a few facts we learned about Twitter for BlackBerry:

@criswick First time I’ve seen @BlackBerry positioned as best implementation of an App (Twitter) - better than iPhone :) #chirp
@kylemcinnes With 300K new Twitter users per day, 8% of daily signups are coming via the new Twitter for BlackBerry app. #T4BB
@kylemcinnes Did you know 1.7% of tweets came from Twitter for BlackBerry yesterday? That’s about 850,000 tweets. #T4BB

For a detailed look at how Twitter’s user base and traffic breaks down, check out this awesome graphic by @G_Obieta.

Another interesting fact about Twitter and BlackBerry, is that RIM’s social media team barely use their own product. If you look at their Twitter accounts, they use Co-Tweet, Hootsuite and the web predominantly. I’ve even seen them use Ubertwitter. Personally, I think it gives the wrong impression, and regardless of the fact that they’re sitting at a computer, I think a good internal social media policy would say “if you can’t tweet it from our app, don’t tweet it at all.” Every single one of those tweets should come from Twitter for BlackBerry, and if managing multiple accounts is a hurdle preventing you from using the app, then go to the Twitter for BlackBerry product team and tell them to implement that feature immediately. The perception is that RIM can’t make a Twitter app that is good enough to use internally.

So enough about Twitter for BlackBerry. I’ve compiled a long list of news and opinion tweets from around the twittersphere. There are some fun people to follow here so be sure to check them out.

@RIMarkable Been using a #BlackBerry Storm for 18 months. Trying to go back to a QWERTY keyboard kind of sucks… I got used to the big screen.
@BBtweeps Filescout for BB just updated to v1.8.0.0. Grab the OTA @
@mikerlawson RIM prepares to buy Palm!!!!!!!!!
@alexkinsella Join me at “Inside BlackBerry WES Tweetup” on Apr 28th. RSVP at #WESTweetup #twvt
@BlackBerryDev BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal Updated
@boltbrowser Happy 5th Birthday, YouTube. People sure love to watch your videos in our browser :)
@BBHacker My Business Card Scanner for the BlackBerry is nearly finished, works with any digital camera and also your webcam! DM me for beta access
@robotmansa Why doesn’t Rogers push a link to the new RIM Twitter app? Oh wait, still in beta! #TweetLife via Twitter for BlackBerry®
@criswick Cool - first time on WiFi on my BlackBerry at 34,000 ft on @VirginAmerica heading to SFO / #Chirp via Twitter for BlackBerry®
@salomondrin I guess the 9930 is really the Slider CDMA… type on your search bar; and its taken… try the same for 9630 etc…
@matthiasj50 What are some good Blackberry games? I have addictive tower defense, freddyjump, and druglord wars 2 so far… via SocialScope
@Tethercom: Tether is currently testing for the BlackBerry. Check out how you can test at: via UberTwitter
@prairied0gg BBM group calendar isn’t updating. Bug with the new beta or perhaps BBM groups just don’t work well?< --Probably the latter via SocialScope
@smcoldBB @kylemcinnes @WesBBAddcit I like T4BB quite a bit. Next version coming should be a deal closer for a lot of people maybe even @blackberry via Twitter for BlackBerry®
@smcoldBB Hahaha. BUSTED! RT Classic! @WesBBAddict Then why are u not tweeting from T4BB ? O_o :P RT @BlackBerry: I love what I do =) via Twitter for BlackBerry®
@jessicaproulx @BlackBerry @foursquare is my favourite app! #BlackBerry #BBM via TweetDeck
@BBHacker I feel that today and the next 6 months will be great for $RIMM , Adobe will put in a lot of effort for Flash on the BlackBerry
@BlackBerry The world would definitly be a better place if everybody was a @BlackBerry user. True story. /via @nicolasmagand via CoTweet
@exLouTreize I can’t take @blackberry messenger anymore. 5 years, never had a problem, till the Storm came out last January. via Twitter for BlackBerry®
@bbgeeks RT @Sharpecb: RT @waze @bbgeeks Seeking BB Beta testers for @waze app worldwide (8900 & up). Email requests to Subject:BB via TweetDeck
@RobWoodbridge RT @ZeebuMobile: ^DG Do you have a kick-ass story to tell about your solution? The story she mentions is a Zeebu story! via TweetDeck
@bbandrew_nash Dear RIM, please make up your damn mind on whether to call the 9650 a Bold 2 or Tour 2. Thanks via Tweetissimo
@BlackBerry #WES2010 keynotes announced! Check out the panel on Tomorrow’s Users with and Ben Silverman (DS) via HootSuite
@rodrigue_ Blackberry backup+ OS updates + restore of info and applications = 25 mins..not bad huh ? via TweetDeck
@kasperapd Liking the folders option on iPhone 4.0…. Although my BlackBerry has had that for years. via SimplyTweet
@Scobleizer If you think Steve Jobs is evil then build crazy awesome apps for non-Apple platforms. Seems to me that is best revenge!
@BBtweeps Myspace v2.0.0.19 has been liberated from Appworld :) Grab the OTA @BBtweeps: #nocrapworldneeded