Poynt Updated with Support for Pearl 3G, VZ Navigator 5.0 and Telmap

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Multiplied Media, the developers of Poynt, have announced that they have updated Poynt to version with some new features and support for the 9100 and 9105. Poynt is a really solid app that I would definitely classify as a “Super App” and it now features:

  • Compatibility with VZ Navigator v5.0.
  • Integration with Telmap for navigation in all European countries.
  • GPS and battery life combination enhanced features.
  • BlackBerry 9100 and 9105 ready.

The compatibility with mapping and navigation software is a great step for Poynt, as you’ll now be able to discover venues and find them with ease.

For more information and to download Poynt, check them out in App World.

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