BlackBerry Partners Fund Announces Developer Challenge 2010


Today, the BlackBerry Partners Fund announced the 2010 Developer Challenge. In addition to focusing on “Super Apps” that take advantage of the unique capabilities of the BlackBerry platform, this year’s challenge is a bit different from those held in the two years prior.

Here is a quick breakdown of this year’s Developer Challenge:

  • Total prize package is valued at over US$1.5 Million;
  • The Challenge is the first to recognize BlackBerry smartphone apps on a regional basis across four global regions;
  • Both newly developed and existing applications can be entered into the Challenge;
  • Applications will be judged in seven distinct categories, based on quality, user experiences and how effectively they incorporate “Super App” characteristics;
  • Challenge will reward the BlackBerry developer community at many levels to benefit more developers than ever before;
  • Finalists will receive unique prizes to support their development on the BlackBerry platform and to help them achieve commercial success;
  • Up to 400 Regional Selections will receive a free BlackBerry smartphone;
  • Up to 28 Regional Semi-Finalists will each receive prize packages worth over USD$16,000;
  • Up to 12 Regional Finalists will each receive prize packages valued at almost USD$35,000;
  • Up to four Regional Winners will each receive a prize pack valued at USD$85,000;

Entries can be submitted starting today and will be accepted until September 6, 2010.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    Looking at the rules and for some reason Quebec is placed in the same category as North Korea, and is not eligible.

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