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17 R&R Design Themes on Sale for $2 Including SlideBerry Zoom


Until the end of the week, all 17 R&R Design themes are on sale for $2. Out of all the themes made by R&R, SlideBerry Zoom seems to be one of the better themes. The SlideBerry theme comes in a variety of colors include blue, gray, green, purple, yellow and red. You can also download an ‘L’ and ‘ring’ style of the SlideBerry theme. With 17 themes on sale you’ll probably find something you like so be sure to browse them all.

Check out all 17 of R&R Design’s themes on sale for $2.

Theme Builder Update Needed for BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and Beyond


The BlackBerry Pearl 3G aka 9100/9105, has been announced on major carriers such as Rogers and TELUS as well as it should be arriving on T-Mobile and WIND. The device hasn’t hit actual stores yet but there are some floating around in the wild, and it’s expected that the device will hit stores any day now. The problem, is that the team responsible for updating theme builder haven’t yet released a patch or new version, allowing theme designers to make 9100 themes, and therefore there may not be any themes available for the Pearl 3G when it hits stores.
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AT&T CEO Data on iPhone in Enterprise Misleading


Recently, Ron Spears, CEO of AT&T, said that 4 out of 10 iPhone sales are to enterprise. This has led to some confusion about what those numbers actually mean, and many repeating the comments but saying that 40% of iPhones are bought by large business. The wording is a little off, and Spears seems to have a very broad definition of the word ‘enterprise’. In Spears’ definition of enterprise, he seems to be accounting for users that buy an iPhone and use it for personal as well and work. If 40% of iPhone sales were truly to enterprise, that would mean that over 4 million iPhones have been bought by large companies, which is highly dubious. What is more likely, is that 40% of iPhone users also work in enterprise.

Much of the confusion likely stems from the employee liable vs corporate liable smartphone scenario, where many employees in enterprise are choosing to bring their own devices on the network. To say that a user has brought their iPhone in to work and chose to use it for business, isn’t the same as a company purchasing the iPhone and asking their employee to use it. The iPhone brought in by the employee may not have access to corporate applications, and therefore is not an enterprise device by definition. It’s hard to imagine the top tier of enterprise and government adopting the iPhone as it doesn’t have the same security and doesn’t meet the standards necessary to be a true corporate device.

RIM Likely to Profit from $11bn 3G License Auction in India


The 3G auction in India raised an astounding $11 billion by selling licenses to major carriers such as Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications and Aircel. Considering the low price of communications in India, $11 billion is even more incredible.

Now that the 3G licenses are in place, these carriers are going to need to sell a lot of 3G enabled devices to start collecting some revenue. BlackBerry have a solid footing in India, and we can expect the company to profit significantly after this auction. Just recently, the Bold 9700 was launched in India and users can also use the Storm2 9550 on the country’s 3G networks. I’m sure we’ll see some of the next generation devices hit India as well to cater to the high-end smartphone buyers.

Third Party BlackBerry Browser uZard for the Bold 9000


Currently, there are a couple of third party browsers for BlackBerry including BOLT and Opera Mini. They are decent alternatives to the native browser, which everyone knows will be getting an update with the next generation of devices. The latest 3rd party browser on the market is uZard by Logicplant. The browser is currently only available for the Bold 9000, but the app will work on several devices.

The updated BlackBerry browser is going to ship with OS 6, which we’ve heard won’t be available for many older devices. Even though third party browsers are seriously limited in how they can integrate with the device, they will serve as a decent alternative for those devices that won’t be getting an OS 6 and new browser upgrade.

Check out uZard for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and let us know what you think.

Woman Sues Google After Accident Following Map Directions


Google is being sued by a woman for damages after Google Maps directions instructed her to walk along a busy highway that had no pedestrian pathway. The woman followed the directions from her BlackBerry and was struck by a vehicle after being told to walk over a mile on a highway.

Google Maps is a great service but anyone who has used the mapping program knows that it isn’t always 100% correct. I’ve been on road trips where I’ve had to ignore the service entirely. It would be great if Google could provide meta data about the walking conditions, and whether a pedestrian pathway exists, but still nobody should be following the route blindly.