Episode 5: BlackBerryCool UnTether’d: WES 2010 and BlackBerry 6


Here is episode 5 of BlackBerryCool Untether’d with Rob Woodbridge and myself. This week we talk mostly about what went on at WES 2010 and particularly BlackBerry 6. Here are some articles to get you up to speed:

Tungle Free Scheduling App for BlackBerry Now Available
State of BlackBerry: Mike Lazaridis’ Speech and Where We Stand
WES 2010 Day 2 Impressions: What WES Is All About

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you’d like to hear more or less of.

  • http://twitter.com/ninoz Anthony Z?mmit

    BBM is what keeps everyone from moving away to iPhone and Android. I know that is the case for me. I have a feeling that RIM will push though and be that must have device again. I don't know if it needs a change in management or what but I look around and all I see are people with their blackberries. So many loyal users who are putting up with everything and the lack of apps. They just can't let them go. Open up a new line of handsets that are less business oriented and have less permissions for developers to have to work around. It would be so easy for RIM to become the #1 smartphone device. It just takes some guts and doing! Carrier billing would be nice also for apps.

  • wwbobski

    Wow you guys were a little tough on RIM, but then again so were the guys at Crackberry, BGR and Phonescoop. I am a little disappointed in the lack of announcements and nothing earth sharrtering. I think OS 6 is a step in the right direction. I believe RIM should remained focused on making the improvements people want to see, Like the browser experience and not go too crazy on hardware releases. I am unpatiently awaiting my upgrade to a 9650 on VZW. Any firm date on a release yet?

  • http://twitter.com/ninoz Anthony Z?mmit

    I think the nail on the head was the comment about stop comparing and playing catch-up. RIM will never be where they should if they run after the iPhone or Android. They need to sit back, take a breather and get back to doing what they do best. Sit down with some of the big App developers and ask them how RIM can help to get them to come over. RIM HAS to stop worrying and get on the ball. I really believe in the next 2 years something big will happen and they will finally be on the right wave at the right time. They have the power, loyalty and resources to do so.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Rob in my opinion I think you are way off on your comment about no one cares about hardware. For BlackBerry users we get to see something new and exciting all the time. Different form factors different styles and keyboards. The OS does not change much but hardware changes frequently. I had the same conversation with a friend the other day that the iPhone hardware looks exactly the same as the day it came out and that took its modeling from the iPod which has been the same for years before that. Are you not bored of your square black rectangles yet? I cannot wait for RIM to come out with new hardware each year to see the new stuff. I'm a tech geek and will buy it up if I like it even if it has the same OS. I think Apple users are so use to their big changes being software that they dont care about hardware anymore unless its HDD size. To be fair the iPod has changed some from a wheel to a touch wheel to a touch screen but the device is still the same old thing just new internal hardware and software.

    Am I alone guys or do new device models make you squirm to see the next form factor or keyboard?

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Thank you Rob for saying what I have been saying for years. It's like the MAC vs Linix vs PC. They all have their place you cannot say one is better then the other because they all have their strong points. For your purpose yes it is better but mine is better for a different reason. They all have their place so shut up and accept it!

  • robwoodbridge

    I LOVE new devices Caspan but there are very few of us (in relation to the entire smartphone-carrying population) who see the differences in one piece versus the next. Nobody except us understands RIMs naming principles but everyone understands the thin layer of software that makes these things work. My comment about hardware was more about the consumers/business types that use these devices and don't really care about the hardware if it works.

    For RIM, being so spread out across all these different versions of their hardware makes it, IMHO, very hard to innovate while they try to ensure their software is backwards compatible. It was a strong business differentiator when they customized their devices for each carrier but it has hurt them thusfar in this little skirmish with Apple et al.

    I never got bored of my BOLD but just “wanted” the next and best. Now, on my iPhone, when I get bored I just go find an app that adds something to the functionality of the device — something you can't do as often on the BlackBerry…yet!

  • robwoodbridge

    Completely agree. Focus on where they should be, not where Apple and the rest are today and it is right there for them.

  • http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/vendor/1111 Eric at Ebscer

    A few thoughts on those new style menus…

    First I actually like the current menus, and assuming that there is a choice I would keep the old style

    Secondly as a developer my first thought was “why do all the menu items have icons? does that mean that I have to create all those graphics?” this may be a problem (and graphics contribute to file size more than anything else)

  • http://twitter.com/ninoz Anthony Z?mmit

    In the end, RIM know where it's at. DATA. end of story. BBM, PINs, and email. enough said. SMS is going the way of the dinosaurs. Now, before the other companies catch onto this concept, RIM has to get moving!! Bring back Ari Gold walking around with his 8830!

  • http://twitter.com/ninoz Anthony Z?mmit

    The fact that i can create a voice note, send it to my friend in Australia, have him send me back another voice note and have a full length conversation at the price of NOTHING (practically) is something that I think a lot of non-blackberry users do not think about.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    By the way Rob just for you our first Canadian iPad 3G


    I approve :)

  • robwoodbridge

    Official “Welcome to Apple Fanboy status” kit is in the mail :)

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    We run 50/50 MAC/PC in our office so I get paid to drink the Kool-Aid :)

  • http://twitter.com/marquardt24 Matthias Marquardt

    Would we see more episodes of blackberrycool untether'd in the future?