iHD Theme With Customizable Dock and Wallpaper-Friendly Homescreen


Cocky Culture has released the iHD theme which comes with a pretty cool theme feature that allows you to customize the color of the homescreen dock. The iHD theme is very wallpaper friendly, with the ability to hide the dock and still get important information at a glance.

Other features of iHD include:

  • Hidden Home Screen Dock with up to 6 icons (Storm has 4)
  • Original Icons and graphics!
  • Customizable dock color to match your theme!
  • Advanced screen transitions
  • Hidden Today
  • Very fast

The iHD theme is available in our store and is currently on sale through Friday for $2.95.

  • Jason Shimko

    Love the theme due to the wallpaper view (the current default takes up too much space) so I purchased it. I am currently regretting it as the transitions between screens very quickly slides down from the top or bottom and it is rather annoying. Additionally, the phone number on incoming calls is too small to read.

    The kicker is I wrote the support link and got a bounce back… I wish I had my $3 back…

  • http://www.cockyculture.com Tony

    Hey Jason, what email did you use for support? I always respond to emails and if it bounced back my apologies. Try emailing me at tony@cockyculture.com and I'll definately get back to you.

  • Luz A

    HI, i have a question about this theme, i love it btw.
    How can i change the apps, or the emails icon, blackberry messenger, and stuff in the home screen menu??? (i mean the one you can change colors) … Thank you a lot, ill be waiting for your response. :)

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