RIM Re-Files Patent for New Conference Call Interface

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We’ve said it a million times, but filing a patent doesn’t prove RIM is going to implement, but at least it puts it a little closer in the realm of possibility. RIM recently re-filed a patent for a conference call interface that looks very much in line with the sort of uber-visual interface we’ve seen with BlackBerry 6. From the patent drawings, we can see the conference call interface displays avatars of those in the call, along with some information about the person such as name and phone number.

While there isn’t much to see here other than some design mockups, it looks like a great start. A more visual conference call experience is something I would love on my BlackBerry, and would add a little more functionality to the experience. I’m going to assume this new conference call feature allows you to select those on the call and interact with them over email, BBM etc.

What would you like to see improved in conference calls on BlackBerry?

More patent information available here.

  • Looking at the screen makes me want a forward-facing camera for video calling. Not need, just want.

    Conference calls would be a great thing to simplify and redesign for the average user. The benefits for business are obvious but the consumer implications are what really excite me. "Figuring out what to do tonight" is something that is currently done in a series of calls or messages. It would be nice if it were simple enough for everyone to use.
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