Foursquare for BlackBerry Version 1.8.4 Now Available


Foursquare version 1.8.4 is now available for download. This version update focuses on a lot of small improvements, including fixes to permissions and focus/scrolling on the Places screen.

Foursquare is a great service but I’m starting to get frustrated with the time it’s taking for businesses to adopt the Foursquare Deals option. The value of Foursquare really comes to life when you can check-in to venues, get a deal, or become the mayor and get VIP treatment. These sorts of deals are readily available in Foursquare’s home of New York, but in smaller cities, especially in Canada, the word isn’t spreading as fast. So if you have a business, register it with Foursquare and get some promotion going!

Download Foursquare for BlackBerry 1.8.4 from

  • Sundeep Singh Basra

    Nope, still does not work for me. I have a BB Flip with about 35 MB but still get out of memory problems. Might have to wait till Blackberry OS 6 device to use this app.

  • MalayaBerry

    i havent try it yet..

  • addictedtobb

    Its not catching on in other cities because it is idiotic and a waste of time. It also promotes stalking. I can't get behind that.

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