Spotberry GPS Toolset Features Compass, Speedometer and Track Log Recorder

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Spotberry let us know that they have released version 2.3.20 of their GPS toolset app for BlackBerry. Spotberry features a few useful tools that leverage the BlackBerry’s GPS, and allows you to do some pretty fun navigation things that might be popular with the geocaching crowd. SpotBerry features a compass, speedometer and track log recorder, as well as features such as an automatic shut-off if battery levels are low.

In speaking with some developers about the GPS on BlackBerry, I’ve heard the altitude readings can be very inaccurate, so it will be interesting to see how this app handles the readings.

More information available about SpotBerry in our store.

  • Jacob

    I'm looking for a free biking track log recorder for BlackBerry Tour 9630.

    Any recommendation? Thanks.

  • Greeceplan

    I used this Feature in the Blackberry, its cool .

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