OS 5 Adoption Rates for the Tour 9630 and Storm 9530


Initially, Verizon’s Tour 9630 users were quicker to adopt OS 5.0 than Storm users. One month after the official release of OS 5, 71.1% of users upgraded to the new operating system. The Storm 9530 in comparison, saw only 61.4% after the first month, and took a full three months to get past the 70% mark.

The higher rate for the first month may be due to pent up demand after Verizon and RIM took their sweet time releasing this. Although, the early release of OS 5 was more productive for the 9530 which has since climbed to 81.4% adoption.

These statistics come from the time of download of the popular free game Pixelated. Given that this game has been available for both devices for a while now, it is doubtful that there is any early adopter effect distorting these numbers.

There is another OS 5 adoption analysis from back in February available here.

- Ebscer

  • addictedtobb

    Too bad the upgrade sucked every ounce of usable memory out of my Tour. I hated waiting for the release and now wish I would have never switched over to 5.0. I'm ready to drop my BB all together at this point. Only problem is I can't find another smart phone I like. Not a fan of not having keys to type on.

  • DavidB

    Hmmm…I have both of those phones and never heard of this game, so I'd be hesitant to trust any statistic of theirs.

    Agree with addicted's sentiment though. My Storm has become almost useless since upgrading it from 4.7 to 5.0, and I've gone through all the strategies to increase available memory. Sure I could get more by deleting more apps from it, but every deletion makes the device less and less useful, so I just deal with doing a QuickPull at least twice a day.

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