Free Salat Reminder App for BlackBerry with Location Detection


SalatMK is a daily muslim prayer time and reminder app for BlackBerry that uses GPS or cell tower to determine your location and set the reminder appropriately. This app can be used without a data package so it’s good for anyone traveling.

Features include:

  • Calculation based on world standards.
  • No need to select cities.
  • Travel and update prayer time as and where you are.
  • Full GPS support. No need to use data.
  • Support location based on celltower. Update location even in building. (Please enable your APN settings).
  • Salat reminder five times a day.
  • Hijri calander with notification of important date.
  • Free for life.

Download the free salat app for BlackBerry from our store.

  • irfaanfr


  • a muslim

    Jazakallu Khair! May GOD bless you!!

  • Sharifuddin

    Excellent application! Highly recommended to muslim BB users.

  • yuri

    Excellent program, just after i used it for a week, i noticed that my battery was draining more than usual on my bold 9700 and worst on my wife's storm 9500.

  • Trolol