Track Your Family’s Health with My Family BlackBerry App

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A BlackBerry is a personal computer in your pocket and what better use of a computer than to store and track data about things that are important to you, such as family. My Family is a BlackBerry app that allows you to track medical records such as conditions, medications, lab tests, allergies, immunizations, age, height, weight, blood glucose, A1c % and more. This app is very beneficial to anyone with family members that need consistent monitoring or families with newborns.

Features of the My Family app include:

  • Record all the monitored data such as weight, height, BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose, A1c, fasting glucose, lab tests, results etc.
  • Manage the medications that are you currently taking or any past medications, etc.
  • View graphs for the above monitored data.
  • All the personal health profile like age, height, weight, BMI, personal history and diagnosed medical conditions for each family member can be maintained and stored.
  • Also, track all the medical expenses for each family member.
  • Email the records to your doctor or to yourself.
  • Organize insurance information from the application.

My Family is a relatively expensive app at $19.99 but it’s $6.99 until June 30th.

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