BIS 3.1 Features and Documentation Published by RIM

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You have probably been enjoying the read/unread Gmail sync that comes with BIS 3.0 and everyone is looking forward to BIS 3.1. RIM has published the documentation for BIS 3.1, and the wireless contact sync features we can expect include:

Wireless Contact Synchronization
Two-way wireless synchronization with Alt-N MDaemon v11 via SyncML, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail contacts and the Address Book on the BlackBerry smartphone:

  • Synchronize contacts quickly and easily to the BlackBerry smartphone
  • Add or edit Contacts and the Contacts are automatically updated, whether they are updated on the computer or BlackBerry smartphone
    • Note: Wireless contact synchronization with Alt-N, Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Hotmail occurs every four hours. This means that a delay of up to four hours may occur when making a change on the handheld or on the BlackBerry smartphone.

    Underneath these features in the notes section, RIM has included some very important exceptions to the above features including:

    • Yahoo! Mail Categories/ Windows Live Hotmail Contact Groups/ Alt-N Groups are not supported in this release. Category and/or Contact Group distribution lists will not be synchronized.
    • The use of wireless contact synchronization with Yahoo! Mail and/or Alt-N requires BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or higher and a Yahoo! Mail and/or Alt-N integration with BlackBerry® Internet Service.
    • The use of wireless contact synchronization with Windows Live Hotmail requires BlackBerry Device Software 6.0 and a Windows Live Hotmail integration with BlackBerry Internet Service.

    It’s not great news that Windows Live Hotmail sync requires OS 6.0 as it’s not clear what devices will get this upgrade. We have heard that BIS 3.1 is going to launch in June, and this may coincide with the launch of the BlackBerry Slider (which runs OS 6.0).

    Read about the new features in BIS 3.1 from this documentation.

    Other documentation you should read on BIS 3.1 includes:

    How to enable contact synchronization in BlackBerry Internet Service 3.1
    Feature and Technical Overview - BlackBerry Internet Service PDF
    Security Feature Overview - BlackBerry Internet Service
    User Guide - BlackBerry Internet Service

    Feel free to read the documentation and discover more about 3.1 for yourself.

    Thanks to Josep and Ronen for pointing these out.

    • Jamie D

      It's nice to see RIM adding more sync functionality for consumer email clients. More Yahoo! functionality has been long awaited by many users.

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