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I recently received emails from both Tether and Smrtguard promoting each others’ application. Tether is a simple tethering solution for BlackBerry, and Smrtguard helps to protect your device from theft or loss. The two apps don’t have any overlap in terms of features or offerings, which makes it a great partnership to promote one another. As both apps have an incredible amount of downloads, the email list they’ve accumulated must be very significant and I’m sure this campaign resulted in a significant amount of downloads and sales for each other. If you have an application, this sort of marketing campaign could be really beneficial, and more developers should look to make these types of partnerships.

The email from Smrtguard looks as follows:

Dear SmrtGuard Users,

Stop Paying for Expensive Tethering! We found!

We were recently at WES2010 and came away impressed with Tether, an application that allows you to access the Internet on your computer via your BlackBerry or Android device. The fast data connection speed and relative ease of setting up and use simply blew us away. We don’t think we can ever go back to paying for expensive WIFI hotspots and monthly carrier tethering costs when you can get Tether for a much better value that simply delivers.

If you don’t believe us - they have a free trial to see for yourself:

The email from Tether looks like this:

Protect your smartphone!

We know you depend on your smartphone a great deal

At WES2010 (a mobile conference) we saw a lot of solutions out there. One thing that impressed us is SmrtGuard, a mobile security application. With SmrtGuard’s new feature SmrtSecurity, you can block annoying and unknown/private phone calls, filter and auto delete SPAM email, and scan for spyware. Oh, SmrtGuard also lets you real-time track your smartphone, backup data securely, and much more!

With this email, you can get 15% off TODAY, by clicking on here:

If not ready to purchase, try risk free:

So if you’re a developer and you have an app, consider partnering with another developer in a win-win marketing campaign.

  • DavidB
    "So if you’re a developer and you have an app, consider partnering with another developer in a win-win marketing campaign."

    I sure hope more developers don't listen to your call and start doing this. This is SPAM, pure and simple. I didn't give my email address to Tether or SmrtGuard in order for them to take liberties with it and start spamming me with unsolicited commercial emails. With all the hubbub in the media about privacy these days, and what the folks like Facebook and Google and whoever are doing with your information, you find it acceptable that they do this? I don't.

    This was poorly handled by these two companies. What they SHOULD have done was create and OPT IN distribution list that ONLY spams customers like this if they CHOOSE to be spammed. Okay, ONE email to all existing customers advising them of the intention to create this OPT IN partner spam list, and giving us a URL to sign up if we so choose, put the default shouldnt be that it's acceptable to spam your existing customers.
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