Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650 Comes Factory Unlocked


Sprint has a great history of being open with their unlocking process and Sam over at Cellfservices tells us that the Bold 9650 will come factory unlocked. Users will be able to use EDGE on all North American GSM providers and 3G pending on the GSM frequencies of the prepaid carrier they decide to use in their country of travel.  

It’s almost certain that the Verizon Bold 9650 will not come unlocked.  None of their devices come unlocked including the older 8830 model.  Also, the first Bold 9650 Cellfservices unlocked back on January 28, 2010 (preproduction) was locked to the Verizon network.  

So if you’re looking to pick up a Bold 9650, keep in mind the Sprint version is unlocked.