Late Mate Randomizes Your Clock So You’re Never Late


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Late Mate is a funny app that aims to stop you from being late for appointments. The idea is very simple: people who are late generally like to set their clocks a few minutes fast in order to trick themselves into leaving a little bit earlier rather than later. This inevitably doesn’t work because they know their clocks are set ahead and end up leaving later anyways. Late Mate prevents you from doing this by randomizing the clock 0 to 10 minutes fast throughout the day. This way, you never know if your clock is perfectly accurate, or 10 minutes fast, meaning you’re either right on time or a little early.

Late Mate is a simple app that makes you wonder whether 10 minutes is at all important anyways. If you’re so concerned with arriving within 10 minutes of when you said you would be somewhere, than you should probably shouldn’t be playing with the settings on the clock.

What do you think of the concept behind this app?

Check out Late Mate in App World.

  • Andrew

    cool concept. def going to get this!

  • Jeff

    Or… or… OR… Here's an idea: Just try… BEING ON TIME instead!

  • Eric at Ebscer

    This is brilliant…

  • Anonymous

    This is an interesting feature for a watch to have. I have a marcasite watch and to be honest, I’m never late.