YouMail Visual Voicemail 2.0 Launches with Organization Tools and More

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YouMail Visual Voicemail has gone version 2.0 with new features that were heavily requested by users. YouMail 2.0 gives users a streamlined user interface, enhanced organization tools, improved transcription and faster voicemail followup.

With the streamlined user interface, the main screen now shows the number of new messages and each caller’s photo or avatar, which can be imported automatically from Facebook. Also, the message play screen supports fast-forward and rewind, allowing users to get through their messages even more efficiently. YouMail 2.0 users are now able to access any folder directly from the app, not just the inbox. This includes the standard Saved, Spam and Trash folders, as well as user-created folders. Users can also can turn their voicemail box into a “To Do” list by easily flagging messages for follow-up directly in the app.

YouMail 2.0 also features improved transcription, with the play screen showing more of the transcribed message text, lessening the need to scroll. Users can also copy and paste directly from the transcription, allowing them to easily insert message text into searches or responses.

The YouMail app is also now integrated with the phone’s default SMS client, enabling users to easily reply to voice messages using SMS messages. Simpler menus also allow users to easily forward and reply to voicemail while including the original voicemail as a MP3 or WAV file.

Check out YouMail 2.0, free in BlackBerry App World.

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