Google Buzz with Location Now Available on Native BlackBerry Browser


When Google announced Google Buzz for mobile it was only available on BlackBerry with a workaround that involved using Opera Mini. Now, Google Buzz has an XHTML version which can be accessed from your BlackBerry browser. This new mobile version allows you all the basic Buzz functionality such as the ability to view the stream of buzz posts, post publicly or privately, comment or like a post, and more. But wait, there’s more! If you enable location in your BlackBerry browser, you can get to the Nearby view, where you’ll find geo-tagged posts near you. In addition, you can tag your post with your location.

To enable location in your browser, open the browser and go Menu > Options >General Properties > Enable JavaScript Location support. Happy buzzing!

Visit Google Buzz from your BlackBerry at

Tip sent in by our good friend Brett. Thanks!

  • Sundeep Singh Basra

    T-Mobile - Blackberry Pearl 8220 Flip
    I went to the Google Buzz site and click post buzz but it stuck on trying to get my location even though I enabled it. Too bad there are still bugs in the system which means the best way to use Buzz is from the Google Maps application but at least I can view my Buzz from my phone.