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eBay App for BlackBerry Out of Beta and Available in App World


The eBay app for BlackBerry could previously be found in the BlackBerry App World Test Center. While there, it amassed a million downloads and is now officially out of Beta and available in App World under the categories Shopping > Online Shopping. Along with becoming an official release, the app now features:

  • View all scheduled items for sale, active items, and all sold and unsold items
  • Ability to relist items for sale when current auction ends with no sale
  • As a buyer, ask the seller a question from within the listing
  • As a seller, reply to the buyer’s question

The eBay app is free and available in North America, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Review: iFrogz Luxe Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


The iFrogz Luxe Case is a polycarbonate case available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Curve 83XX and Storm 1 9500. The case is really sturdy and feels like it would effectively prevent your BlackBerry from getting any small nicks if dropped. The case does a great job of making sure all the ports and convenience keys are easily accessible and the 9700 keyboard isn’t impeded by any aspect of the case. You probably won’t be able to use a charging dock with the Luxe case, but any accessory that plugs in should be good to go.
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Game Review: 2-D Max Demo by James Cook


2-D Max is a side-scroller adventure game for BlackBerry. Currently in Beta, the game is far from it’s final state. The developer, James Cook has released it to the public for free on BlackBerry App World.

Your character, 2-D Max must navigate a 2-D landscape filled with villains that can kill you with one touch, unless you stomp them directly on the head (very similar to Mario Brothers). The controls are tricky on a lot of BlackBerry devices. With small keys needing to be hit at the right times, playing anywhere but sitting down is difficult. The controls are such that you move 2-D Max with your right thumb and jump with your left; the opposite controls of Mario on NES or GameBoy.
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Happy Canada and Independence Day! S4BB Apps Only $0.99 Until July 7th


Canada Day is tomorrow and Independence Day is soon after on the 4th making this weekend a very patriotic time. For those international readers who may not know, Canada Day is a celebration of changing the country’s name from Britain to Canada. The US Independence Day is a celebration of our victory over alien invaders, proclaimed by President Thomas J. Whitmore.

To mark these two special occasions, S4BB is offering many of their apps for only $0.99 from now until July 7th. Check out all of S4BB’s apps on sale in the store.

Brainshark Multimedia Presentations Now Available on Mobile


Brainshark specialize in online multimedia presentations for business that come with analytics to track their effectiveness. Brainshark Mobile allows presentations such as sales force training and CEO messages to be delivered to BlackBerry for viewing on the go. The product sounds a little like what Chalk do for business, but we haven’t heard much from the company since they were acquired by RIM.

Brainshark presentations combine voice narration, PowerPoint slides, video and more. The presentations play as streamed video files when viewed on mobile devices. Through Brainshark’s analytics capabilities, users can see when their presentations were viewed, who viewed them, if content was viewed on a mobile device and what type of device was used.

Brainshark Mobile is included at no cost with any Brainshark license, Enterprise: (Standard, Corporate, and Unlimited Editions), myBrainshark or myBrainshark Pro.

iColor Theme for the iBerry Clone Fans by MMMOOO


MMMOOO released a new theme called iColor which has many iBerry elements and is a slight variation on all the iPhone themes going around. The theme has 5-8 customizable icons with a fixed dock, today plus preview area and a wallpaper-friendly homescreen. If you have been a fan of the iBerry series themes, this one could be for you.

More information about iColor available in the store.