Browse BlackBerry Videos by Thumbnails with Good Video Browser


This application is named appropriately as “Good Video Browser” because that’s exactly what it is. This app allows you to view your BlackBerry video files as thumbnails. The app was recently updated to support MP4 video files, encrypted content and the search has been expanded to the Memory Card root folder. All of the videos on your device are scanned and organized into a gallery where you can browse the thumbnails. Videos are easy to find and view from the gallery. The app also features the ability to send videos by email and delete from the gallery.

More information available from the BlackBerryCool Store.

  • DavidB

    Sounds very nice but they should figure out a way to offer a free trial. Like perhaps they could offer it limited to playing only 2 minutes or something as a trial, so people can get a feel for the app and how much memory it uses and if they like the thumbnail browsing?

  • NurseBerry

    Really like this feature!!