Google Maps Updated to 4.2.0 with Biking Directions and Sharing


Google Maps for BlackBerry has been updated to version 4.2.0 and now includes biking direction, a navigation shortcut and sharing. The biking directions provides you lanes and trails, just in time for summer. The bike navigation layer gives you bike-only trails, roads with bike lanes, or roads that are good for biking but lack a dedicated lane. You can turn on this layer form the Layers menu and pick your own route. You can also add the Terrain layer and decide either to climb or avoid any large hills on the way home.

Google maps also includes a new search result page and the ability to share places by email, SMS, Facebook and more. From the search results page, you can choose to “Share this place” and send that place’s info such as address and phone number, to whomever you choose. If you want to meet a friend, this is an easy way to send them details of your current location and meet up fast.

These new improvements to Google maps are pretty awesome and it makes you wonder how other mapping companies are going to survive in the market. How is a company such as TeleNav going to compete when Google collects such a vast amount of data and makes it all entirely free?

Thanks for the tip, Tim!

  • holein1q

    This updated version STILL does not support my touch screen storm! WTH!?

  • Dan

    With the past few updates I haven't been able to get Google maps to work. I can't scroll or choose options. I used to be able to move my finger on the screen and the map moves with it but not since version 4 started. It makes me us the keyboard to zoom, I don't get it. version 3 was fine but i can't find that anymore. Any Idea why?