BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of May 31st

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The biggest news this week is probably all the hype around OS 6 and which devices will be getting the upgrade. Rumors (which are borderline fact) are circulating that the 9700 is getting a memory refresh to 512MB of RAM in order to make it OS 6 ready. If OS 6 requires 512MB of RAM, the only device currently in RIM’s product line that will support 6 is the 9650.

Should users be upset about this? Take a look at the iPhone. The iPhone has a 2 year obsolescence since the iPhone 3G, a 2 year old device, will not be getting the OS 4 upgrade. By the time the 9700a launches, it could be a 2 year old device. Therefore, for all the users complaining that their device is becoming obsolete, I think this is a general complaint towards consumer electronics, and isn’t something necessarily wrong with RIM’s strategy. What are your thoughts?

Make sure to hit the jump because we have a full roundup of BlackBerry news this week for you to catch up on.

Developer News

$25,000 BlackBerry Super App Contest – Cocktail Napkin Designs Accepted!

BlackBerry lets you create Super Apps that are seamlessly integrated, contextualized and efficient to help people do what they love. Enter the Developer Challenge and create the next Super App.


Third Party BlackBerry Browser uZard for the Bold 9000
Browse BlackBerry Videos by Thumbnails with Good Video Browser
BlackBerry Beta Zone Launches Feedback Tool
Google Maps Updated to 4.2.0 with Biking Directions and Sharing
FlightTrack Now Available in BlackBerry App World


Glare Theme by Elecite for the 8900 9500, 9600 and 9700
17 R&R Design Themes on Sale for $2 Including SlideBerry Zoom
Customize Your Ride with the Pimp My Ride: Ferrari Edition Theme
BlackBerry OS 6 Themes by WJD Designs and MMMOOO
Win7ows Theme Social Networking Edition with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare


RIM Likely to Profit from $11bn 3G License Auction in India
AT&T CEO Data on iPhone in Enterprise Misleading
AT&T Announces Two Tiered Data Plans for Smartphone Users
BlackBerry Curve 9300 Spotted: Update to the Curve 8520/8530
Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 Now Available with No Themes
BlackBerry EMEA Outage Caused by European ISP
Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 Now Available for Purchase
Highest Ranked Paid and Free Applications in BlackBerry App World
Rumor: BlackBerry 9700 Hardware Relaunched as 9700a for OS 6


Woman Sues Google After Accident Following Map Directions
Theme Builder Update Needed for BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and Beyond

Game Reviews

Review: New York Rollercoaster Rush by Digital Chocolate
Review: SimCity Societies for BlackBerry by Electronic Arts

  • Patrick
    I have a relatively new 8520 and its been quite stable so far, though I was planning to get the 9700. Now there is news of a 9800 so Ill probably wait for it to come.
    I got an iPad too and it is amazingly convenient.
  • Joshua Lee
    I don't think OS6 is coming to my Blackberry 8830, is it. ;-) It can barely run the 4.5 upgrade. :(
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