BlackBerry OS 6 Details Revealed in Chinese Translation of Video


Our good friends over at MMMOOO have translated the BlackBerry OS 6 video walkthrough by What’s interesting is that at 03:55, the guys reviewing OS 6 say the browser is “terrible”. This is really disconcerting as the browser is a central feature to OS 6 and something the community has been excited about for some time. They also call the camera “terrible” which isn’t great considering the new camera is 5MP. They don’t go into much detail about why, but say they’ll address it later. Something the BlackBerry camera needs is more responsiveness, and hopefully this will be addressed in 6.

The Twitter integration with OS 6 is really interesting. At 07:29, they show how you can send song info to Twitter for BlackBerry. The search is also improved, allowing you to search globally on device, the internet or even on YouTube (official YouTube client on the way).

Be sure to read the rest of this article after the jump because we’ve got a time-stamped translation of the video. I suggest opening the translation and video side-by-side so you can watch and read at the same time.

00:26 Okay! Let’s have a look at the interface of OS 6 first.
00:30 The first highlight is the new framework.
00:34 Time! Battery! Singal, I insert a SIM card.
00:41 And here’s a new wi-fi logo. Can you see it?
00:43 (Some other guy says)Like the wi-fi logo in iPhone.
00:46 Right, Actually I like the former.
00:52 And I also connect to the wi-fi network.
00:53 The time.
00:54 unread messages
00:56 Profile.
01:01 globe search.
01:03 I have something to say about the new system.
01:04 The first one is the slide frame. It’s very nice!
01:14 Slide it to the first row. the second one, the third one, and the forth one.
01:20 full back. it’s good, right?
01:25 Then let’s slide to the third row to show it.
01:27 This is the all icons.
01:28 Slide it to the frequent icons.
01:32 Slide again to the favorites icons.
01:35 Slide again to the media icons.
01:39 Slide again to download icons. There’s on third-party app in my download folders.
01:42 In fact, How we move to the favorites icons?
01:48 In the all page, you can choose any icon and then click BlackBerry key and choose add to favorite.
02:04 Okay, let’s see some more screens.
02:08 SMS.
02:11 You can see it doesn’t support Chinese yet.
02:13 I have SMS with XiaoBai.
02:18 Okay, is there some other sms. Okay, Moonmars! I also sms with moonmars.
02:25 Ellie as well. This is a sms sent by Ellie. (Hey this is a test message from Ellie. Good luck!)
02:31 I reply to him, Thx for your support from Berrytimes and have fun girl.
02:36 It’s the conversational mode as we have already familiar in OS 5.0
02:45 Some icon are highlighted at the bottom. Let’s leave it.
02:47 let’s show some usual sms operation.
02:48 Select the first one the this one. Touch all. Pop up. Delete, delete.
02:53 In fact, all your operation can be done in the full qwerty keyboard by del key. We will not talk the hardware in the section, only software.
03:13 Some other interfaces have been redesigned. Let’s have a look.
03:14 Ellie, Moonmars, Office.
03:17 Office is beautiful. Phone, Our office phone.
03:25 You can highlight the phone number, and then send SMS to him, or call him, or see the full menu.
03:32 There’s one new in the homescreen. Here.
03:35 Here is a today area. It will tell you… here’s a bug. just leave it.
03:40 There’s calendar, SMS, missing call.
03:44 You can also highlight it. (Other one says)Press and hold? Right.
03:47 okay, there’s some bug in the early version. so we don’t talk about it now.
03:53 We have already seen the contacts.
03:55 Browser, it’s terrible. we will see it later.
03:57 we can see calendar first. Calendar is nice.
04:04 We will see it in landscape mode.
04:08 it’s easy to touch, right?
04:10 You can view the whole month.
04:12 You can view the agenda.
04:14 You can also view today’s.
04:21 this is calendar. We can see more.
04:24 Phone.
04:26 You can only use portrait mode for phone call.
04:32 Dialing screen. It’s not a SureType on this phone. We needn’t to press it.
04:36 Don’t dial this.
04:40 it’s very fast.
04:42 Sorry, I press the upper key.
04:46 This is very convenient, too.
04:51 We can also dial from contacts. We can see it prompt the keyboard.
04:58 there’s lots function here.
05:12 Let’s continue.
05:13 Clock. No changes here.
05:18 This is BlackBerry Maps, we can not use it.
05:20 Camera, it’s terrible. We will see it later.
05:21 Instant message. Application.
05:22 Option. Options has some changes.
05:26 Sound, Connectivity.
05:27 display. Typing, device, call management, security, accessibility. Third-party apps.
05:37 Display. Display has date and time. we’re familiar with it.
05:42 But I think it has changed the sort.
05:45 Homescreen. Some homescreen settings.
05:47 Home components. We have only a default theme here.
05:57 Okay, let’s have a look at Media.
06:01 You can click this icon.
06:02 You can also slide to media.
06:07 Let’s see the music first.
06:19 In the media, you can listen to the music, watch movies.
06:22 Let’s see the music first.
06:30 All songs.
06:32 Artist. Albums, Genres, playlist.
06:40 Let’s see all artists first.
06:49 Craig David.
06:52 I like this song, 7 Days.
06:55 You can press and hold and will show the next menu. Play.
07:00 Okay. Oh, it’s nice!
07:05 You can choose cover flow here. Because all the songs here are Craig David, the cover is the same.
07:18 Vol down.
07:25 Okay, We have talked about it in our review. We can press and hold here.
07:29 Here. Send to Twitter for BlackBerry. You can send the song info to your twitter.
07:36 you can also set as ringtone.
07:40 The search. it’s interesting. You can search here, or globe, or internet, even on YouTube.
07:50 We have seen the office OS 6 video. It search the video on Youtube.
07:58 Okay. many songs.
08:00 this is the song. Albums. Though it has not the cover flow, it’s okay and clean.
08:19 Video.
08:30 Let’s watch this video.
08:42 We can rewind, forward, and pause.
08:49 (other one says)What’s this?
08:54 It can change the scale. Like the full screen…the display mode in iPad. We can’t change it in this video.
09:05 Sorry.
09:25 You can see that we can pull the videos. The speed is okay.
09:36 Pictures.
09:45 World cup 2010.
09:50 This picture is good.
09:52 We can show you the two-point touch effect.
09:54 It’s is the max.
09:57 zoom out
09:59 Slide.
10:04 I think it’s okay. I think it will be better in the newer system.
10:14 You can hear the sound. You can select by touch or keyboard.
10:18 Ringtone.
10:28 Ring tone also adds cover flow. Interesting.
10:33 But there’s no cover. All blank.
10:38 Next, Podcast. It’s popular now and will be more and more popular in the future. We have made a lot.
10:48 BB ear. This is a podcast made by Youzang and ellin every Friday at 10 pm.
10:52 We can listen to the No.72.
11:07 You can subscribe to many Podcasts like crackberry, qiangqiang.
11:24 It doesn’t support Chinese now. So we can not see the title.
11:33 What’s the little circle?
11:34 Good question. It shows the status like listened, half-listenede only and have not listened yet.
11:43 You can see here. This one we haven’t finished listening.
11:54 Voice note. This is record.
11:58 This is play voice note. No voice note here because I have not recorded one.
12:05 Okay, we have finished.
12:06 In the end, I think that it’s good even if you have some small change in interface. For example, Calculator has not been changed for years.
12:18 let’s have a look. Okay? :)
12:20 Let’s use the landscape mode.
12:28 In fact, many interfaces have changed. The phone call screen.
12:38 And contacts. And media. And Option
12:58 Memopad. No change here.
13:02 Task. no change.
13:05 Calculator. Changes.
13:24 Files. no change.
13:29 Voice dialing
13:33 Password keeper. I have not used it yet.
13:44 Memory cleaner. You can put it to homescreen.
13:52 Games. BrickBreaker. No change.
14:27 Some new features.
14:27 Auto answer. I don’t what it is and how to use it.
14:35 Toolkit. Like the setup wizard. I think it’s a setup wizard with graph mode.
14:53 It put setup wizard and help together.
14:57 Tips.
15:01 Help. No content here now.
15:05 Profile
15:08 Change sound.
15:10 Manage connections
15:16 Feeds. You can subscribe to RSS Feeds and social feeds here.
15:29 You can subscribe to Facebook, Renren, etc.
15:44 But we find that it needs service book support. We don’t have it now, so we can’t use it.
16:00 Okay. That’s all. I hope it can be more stable when finally released.
16:40 See you next time!

  • Moises

    i hope that this will change at the end cause i was looking forward to the web browser i just hope that is better than what i thought.

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