Episode 7 - BlackBerryCool Untether’d: Google Maps, bitHeads, uZard and More

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This week is episode 7 of BlackBerryCool Untether’d with Rob Woodbridge. This week, we talk about BlackBerry 6, WickSoft’s MoreCalendars, Google Maps’ new biking layer and the bitHeads App Contest. We also talk uZard, the latest third party BlackBerry browser. This week’s episode is brought to you from Sudbury, Ontario (aka Nickel City).

Here are some links for show topics:

WICKSoft Introduces Enterprise Calendar Sharing With MoreCalendars
Google Maps Updated to 4.2.0 with Biking Directions and Sharing
Woman Sues Google After Accident Following Map Directions
Third Party BlackBerry Browser uZard for the Bold 9000
$25,000 BlackBerry Super App Contest – Cocktail Napkin Designs Accepted!

Tell us what you think in the comments and feel free to suggest more topics for the podcast.

  • Matthias Marquardt
    Thanks for coming back :-) Don't put yourself too much on pressure concerning the frequency - it don't "have to be" every week - just keep the great atmosphere [Just a thought - might be we can send Bruce Springsteen over to Sudbury?]

    Interesting stuff about "How much App development will cost..."

    and pls be so kind and add the tag


    to this Episode (as well as to Episode 6)
  • Caspan
    Also just so you know Rob, Kyle is to the left and always is :)
  • Caspan
    I would like to know other peoples thought on the new Facebook. Have they given up on it like me or do they actually still have hope it it?
  • Mo
    So what about all those who already have a 9700.... Do they get a chance to upgrade to OS 6?? Or are we pretty much screwed?!?!?
  • Caspan
    I think screwed is a good term.. I'm wondering if RIM will allow a refresh of your device to up the memory for a small cost? If not looks like you jumped on the wrong wagon sorry... 256 is not big enough for OS6
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