LinkedIn App Updated to Version 1.1 with Storm and Pearl Support


The LinkedIn app for BlackBerry has been updated to version 1.1 and the major updates include support for the Storm, Pearl and more than 21 devices running OS 4.3 or later. The app is also now localized for Brazil and Itality, which may be hot spots for the social network.

Another feature of LinkedIn 1.1 includes smarter profiles with more more detail of what your connections have been changing on their profile. You can now see what sections have been changed (Education, Headline, Experience, etc.), as well as when your connections add things like an Instant Messenger account, Twitter account, or add their birthday to their profile.

In addition to the above updates, Linkedin has also implemented many of the smaller changes requested by users through their feedback email address. In addition to these fixes, existing users should also see some improvements in how fonts are used, as well as some improvements to how the app updates the BlackBerry Contacts application when you’ve enabled address book integration with LinkedIn.

Download LinkedIn version 1.1 from this link.

  • Brad Weston

    I had waited VERY PATIENTLY for the Storm to be supported. Downloaded and installed the application yesterday. Noticed that my battery was almost DEAD within 4 hours of installation. Found the application still running (from Menu key /switch application). Tried the BB Storm Escape key to “quit” the application – no luck, still running. Tried the BB Storm End key to “quit” the application – no luck, still running. Tried the Menu key / close option – no luck, still running. Tried Menu key / logout – it logged out, but was still running. The program continues running no matter what I do.

    I finally had to delete the application because battery life on a Smartphone is more important than any application. I understand this is version 1 of the Storm being supported. But I can’t use an application that chews through my battery like that. When an application is in the background it can’t continue to process and drain the battery at such an extreme rate – bad coding.