TD Canada Trust Launch Mobile Banking App


App World is featuring the TD Bank app right now in their carousel and the app is pretty decent. The app currently forces you to a mobile site in order to do your banking, which slows down the app tremendously. Ideally, everything would be contained within the application, allowing you to pay bills and check your balances very quickly. Another downside of being pushed to a web page is that you must constantly re-enter your password. While it may add another layer of security, this could be avoided by placing a password on the application itself.

The new TD Bank app (v1.0.1) allows you to access:

TD Canada Trust: The banking option will allow you to access your chequing, savings, credit and investment account information, pay bills and transfer money anytime, anywhere.

TD Waterhouse: If you want to get a quote, place a trade, or ask a question, one-touch calling on the investment option, makes it easier to contact the TD Waterhouse Investor Service Centre.

TD Insurance: In the Auto Insurance option, the Accident Toolkit and Notepad provide assistance when you need it most. These features put help at your fingertips if you are in an accident.

Locations: And when you need to visit a TD Canada Trust Branch or ABM, the app will help you find the nearest location quickly and conveniently. It also locates TD Waterhouse Investor Centres in Canada; TD Bank stores and ATMS in the US.

Grab the new TD Bank app from App World.

  • BobdogK9

    This does not work on the regular TD Bank. Only the Canada Trust. I found that out the hard way.

  • GMS

    What are you talking about??? There is no separate TD Bank and Canada Trust - hasn't been for 9 years!!!

  • DavidB

    There must be something major different between Canada and USA banking, there are a couple of these banking apps out now that work if you have a Canadian account but not a USA account.

  • Kyle McInnes

    A major bug found in this app - your password can only be 4-8 characters but on the Internet it can be 4-12 (or something like that). This means there are a huge number of users who are unable to use the app because of something as simple as the password field.

  • Glenfel

    BB Appworld says it works on ALL Blackberries with system software 4.2 and above. NOT SO - I have a Pearl 8130 with 4.5.1 and the app refuses even to download, saying it's not compatible with my device AND my provider (Telus).

  • JH

    It seems Canada Trust was only a Canadian company, and only merged with the Canadian version of TD Bank….just a wild guess tho.

  • Tylr

    this app did not work on my itouch I am extremely disgusted amd want my money back