App World on BlackBerry Pearl 3G Incorrectly Displays Themes


It’s a little ridiculous that Theme Builder has fallen behind the release of the Bold 9650 and Pearl 9100. Currently, there are some workarounds for the 9650 as the device falls into the 96xx family, but there is nothing for the 9100 as the screen size is unique and Theme Builder hasn’t been updated. Developers have been submitting themes to Mobihand and saying they’re compatible for the 9100, which led some BlackBerryCool readers to point out that the themes category in the BlackBerryCool Store should be empty and whatever themes that were there were mislabeled. The problem is now fixed but it seems App World is having a similar issue on their end, as App World on the Pearl 3G shows 24 themes. If you download any of these themes, you obviously get an error. Thankfully, you won’t get charged because the download fails, but it’s still going to have a negative impact on the user experience.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    This is due to the flexibility in the app world system that lets developers mark whatever apps they think are compatible. This is important because sometimes (such as with the 9650) making an application compatible really is as simple as marking it as so.

    However these obviously are not, and RIM should kick them all out of the store…

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