BlackBerry App World Version Now Available for Download


UPDATE: Another feature of the new App World includes the ability to open featured app icons with a single tap on the Storm.

The latest version of App World is available and the upgrade notification comes to your inbox. Ideally, you should also get something on the icon. According to the BlackBerry Twitter account, you can now view reviews over WiFi. We’re expecting more features from App World 2.0 in the very near future so stay tuned on BBCool to hear what gets announced.

Download the latest version of App World from App World and maybe App World will become a Top Free app in App World.

  • Donny

    Arrgh. Installed this and its listed in Add-Ons, but not listed in the ribbon; even if Show All is set. Tried installing from previous backup; no go. Tried installing from IE v8 - even with compatibility mode - failed. Looks like a firmware re-install is next.

  • mdNomad

    DO NOT DL THE NEW VERSION!!!! The App World Icon will dissappear. I dl'd the latest version a week ago when it came out… Now the icon is GONE… I found several people reporting the same issue over on the crackberry forums.

  • Donny

    Thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  • Donny

    Thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  • Maurice Conchis

    Happened to me as well. Neither re-installations nor numerous soft/hard reboots helped..

  • Idbusuk Titik3

     the latest App World is fucking trash!!!!!!!!
    my App World icon dissappear in a blink after DL the new version

    fucking program  

  • palles72

    Please fix the new version does not see the icon