Qype Location-Based Review and Discovery App with OTA Download Links


Qype can be described as the European Yelp. The app finds your location and serves restaurant reviews, nightlife suggestions and general crowd-sourced information about your area. Qype is very much community-driven in that it doesn’t use API sets from databases such as OpenTable, but rather relies on purely community input. Since the app doesn’t have a huge presence in North America, it isn’t as useful as if it were used in Germany or the UK. If you’re planning a trip to Europe, this could be the ideal tourist app for you to bring along. Also, you could pioneer a community in North America in your home city.

Qype will soon be available in App World but we have OTA links for you to download now. Feel free to give the app a spin and we’ll let you know when it’s live in App World.

Download Qype OTA for BlackBerry for OS 4.5 devices.

Download Qype OTA for BlackBerry for OS 4.7 devices

Download Qype OTA for BlackBerry for OS 5.0 devices

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    Tha app looks attractive, I'd like to give it a try right away.