Game Review: Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2: Force Recon for BlackBerry


Modern Warfare 2: Force Recon for BlackBerry is a top-down shooter by Glu. The Call of Duty series is one of the best selling series of console games in history. The mobile adaptation of this mega-popular franchise works into a top-down 2-D shooter with a truncated roster of MW2-familiar weapons: 1 assault ripple, 1 sniper rifle, and 1 type of grenades (carry limit of 3).

5=Fire/Defuse Bomb

The controls feel too tight, putting the fire button square in the middle of the move buttons doesn’t allow for easy moving and firing. If they were separated on the keypad it would be much simpler to strafe. As it stands you’re have to use your thumb to press fire and then also press the direction you want to run with the side of your thumb if you ever hope to strafe-the best way to attack and evade.

The character you control is a better shot than most of the soldiers you will be fighting, basically if you’re facing them you will fire at them with decent accuracy. Your dude also has a better range; if you can engage enemies from across the screen you’ll take very little damage.

This game is playable in the same way housework is playable: Kind of fun, and kind of un-fun.

You’ve got to defeat enemies without being overwhelmed, which feel chore-ish after the first stage. The game gives you ample opportunity to stack the odds in your favor; most of your enemies will be idling about in a tactically venerable way. Taking a coffee break beside an explosive car for instance makes an armed insurgent an especially easy target.

During hard parts the enemy will be well encamped and you’ll have to come in at a weak point and throwing grenades in order to defeat them. True to the call of duty form, you’ll have to defend against vast waves of enemies while you attack from a hardened position. Force Recon is fun because the format changes enough thought the game that it doesn’t seem too repetitive.

The story could use some work, being sent out on a shoot-to-kill mission due to a “suspicious van” is a bit weak on the writing side.

I somewhat enjoyed this game, I give the game a 2 out of 5 stars. It felt like they were re-using the same engine as their Hulk game and it could use some more complexity like different weapons with different attack strengths as well as a better story in order to fill the Call of Duty shoes. Also, for a series that on the console side of things really tries to up the graphics in each iteration, the premium-title on the BlackBerry gets what feels like last year’s engine on that’s year’s smallest J2ME screen.

Check out Modern Warfare 2: Force Recon for BlackBerry from Bplay.

Also, feel free to make the Modern Warfare 2 achievement notification your ringtone. It will annoy everyone.

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    Call of Duty series in history that one of the best selling console game series. The mega-popular franchise’s mobile customization of weapons a top MW2-familiar 2-D shooter with a small roster below works: 1 assault wave, with 1 sniper rifle and grenade type 1

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    how do i get my blackberry to look like that one

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    The game offers a good opportunity to stack the odds in your favor, most of the enemies are so lazy tactician, Ven. After a coffee break next to a car exploding, for example, makes it a particularly easy target rebel armed.

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