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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of July 26th



Yet another awesome week here at BlackBerryCool and if you’re in Canada, you’re probably getting ready to celebrate the long weekend. We have a long list of articles that you may have missed this week, so take the time to bookmark this page for some casual reading over the weekend. The BlackBerry Slider is expected to launch next week and it’s going to be crazy on the site with content. Hit the links after the jump and enjoy!
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Free Huddle Online Collaboration Suite Available in App World


huddle app

Huddle is a collaboration tool that looks a little like BaseCamp. It features discussion boards, project management, document sharing, wikis, and conferencing. Huddle have recently announced a free BlackBerry app that gives you access to this collaboration suite with read-only permissions. The only caveat with this application is that Huddle are pretty aggressive with their email notifications and will constantly ask you to invite friends to their service.

The free Huddle app is now available in App World for download.

Black Monoliths Appear in AT&T Stores with 9800 Possibilities


black monoliths

The year is 2010 and black monoliths are appearing in AT&T stores in anticipation for the launch of the 9800. The first time black monoliths appeared were in the prehistoric times when they were discovered by a group of hominids and it somehow triggered a shift in evolution, teaching humans how to use tools. Nobody is really sure who built these monoliths, and the alien species who built them is only hypothesized by the rest of humanity.

Now that these monoliths are appearing in AT&T stores, we can only guess our computers are going to go haywire and try and kill us all. It’s anyone’s guess what’s underneath the monolith: an iPhone 4, Anroid device or possibly the 9800. Our fingers are crossed for a BlackBerry Torch.

Video of BlackBerry Platform Benefits for Enterprise


YouTube link

The official BlackBerry YouTube channel features a pretty cool video demonstrating the benefits of the BlackBerry platform for enterprise. The video does a good job of explaining in simple terms why an organization should use the BlackBerry “platform”.

The video also has some interesting testimonials including:

  • BlackBerry saves us 100 days in productivity per year. (VW Financial Services)
  • BlackBerry provides an ROI of 560%. (Forrester Research)
  • BlackBerry saves enough time to make another car. (A company CIO)

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

BlackBerry App World 2.0 Beta Launches in Beta Zone


YouTube link

BlackBerry App World 2.0 is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone as an invite-based beta. If you’re registered for the Beta Zone, you’ll hopefully get a beta invite. App World 2.0 will launch with the following features and enhancements:

  • Supports OS 4.5 and above
  • 4.4 and below to still support App World 1.1
  • App World 2.0 app is smaller than 1.1 (in KB). This is due to dropped 4.4 and below support as well as general optimizations
  • Improved image caching so there will be icons and apps when you load it up right away
  • New BBM-style menu hierarchy categories with a new themes section (the whole system is called top 25). The top menu items are: Recently Updated, New, Top Free, Top Paid, and Themes.

App World is now available in 65 countries worldwide and in six languages. RIM boasts over a million downloads per day which is really good considering it’s relatively new to the space. Join the beta zone at and hopefully you’ll get your invite.

Video of the BlackBerry 9780 Running BlackBerry 6


YouTube link

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is a pretty slick looking device that is basically the Bold 9700 but with some minor tweaks to the look and running BlackBerry 6. The above video of the 9780 gives a 5 minute walkthrough of some of the features including a preloaded facebook and podcasting app. This particular video shows off some of the Webkit browser which is one of the most highly anticipated features. Enjoy!