BlackBerry Webkit Browser Leaks Blocked by Service Providers


Leaks of BlackBerry devices running the latest OS 6 have been popping up a lot recently but none of them have had the latest Webkit browser. We have also seen some OS 6 hybrids circulating that also haven’t included the latest browser. The reason is that it is completely controlled by your service books, and these devices haven’t had the latest browser pushed to them.

It seems that there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to the java files. After taking apart the BlackBerry Clamshell 9670 OS, it seems to be missing the net_rim_bb_browser_rendering_lib COD file. In the end, even if OS 6 were to get leaked to the masses, it wouldn’t have the Webkit browser because it would have to be activated by the service provider.

RIM has obviously wised-up to the fact that these devices are available in the wild, and have used the service books to deactivate the Webkit browser on all but a very select and private group of devices. The OS 6 BlackBerrys we are seeing leaked are not the select group of devices with Webkit enabled.

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