Free Weather Plus App with Homescreen Weather Info Display


UPDATE: It’s worth mentioning that MMMOOO is asking for a positive review in exchange for a free license.

MMMOO has a new weather app out for BlackBerry called Weather Plus. The lite version is currently available for free, with a premium version available next week. There is a promotion on right now where you can download the lite version, email MMMOOO, and you can get access to the full version when it’s live.

Weather Plus displays all the pertinent weather information on the homescreen without any theme support. Features include:

  • Accurate weather info.
  • Support for multiple cities.
  • Auto updates weather info.
  • Five display mode for homescreen (full version only).
  • Support icon display.
  • Search city by ZIP (US only).
  • Friendly UI design.
  • Life time free update (full version only)

Grab the free Weather Plus app and be sure to send an email and get your full license.

  • Just Blaze

    whats there email address?

  • Anon

    Good question - I can't see details on this promotion anywhere other than here…

  • Sam_K

    I have the same question.

  • Kyle McInnes

    I would just email their support line. Got it from their site. Support Email: cs(at)

  • Marvs S.

    Me too.

  • Rstokc

    The lite version does not let you put the info on the homescreen. You can put an icon in a homescreen slot like with any other free weather app, but that's it.

  • Simon Hed

    i loaded app and emailed them at the CS@ address. No response yet.

  • Sam_K

    Same here. I emailed them yesterday and no response yet.

  • Emily

    Well I just got an email back. They want you to write a review or give them 5 stars and they'll input you in the system. Doesn't sound like a “FREE” promotion to me.

  • Jfh5667

    I purchased the full version and it doesn't even work. Does not update unless you manually update it. Customer service will not respond to my many requests. Feel like I got ripped off!

  • Doug

    I paid for the full version which will not load any locations. I tried sending a message to and it bounced. This has to be the most clueless software company on Earth.

  • grumpster

    Does not work. Sent 3 emails to customer service with no replies…no customer service at all!



  • Guest

    It sais you get the Homescreen Info with the FREE App and that is not true. It tells me i have to buy the full version. Cheaters!