Video: BlackBerry 9800 Torch Slider, 9670 Clamshell Oxford and Curve 9300 Kepler


Videos and walkthroughs of the latest upcoming devices from RIM have hit the internet and there are a ton of tidbits worth watching for. Tabbed browsing in OS 5.2, new native apps for the devices and a look at a huge flash memory increase are all cool features worth checking out.

Click through for more info about these devices. The main talking points have been taken from the videos because they’ll likely be taken down soon.

BlackBerry 9800 Torch Slider

The Torch Slider is a cool new form factor that is heading towards AT&T in the very near future. The screen is a little smaller than . We think it’s a 5.0MP camera with a flash but this hasn’t been confirmed. Compared to the Storm, the Slider is a little smaller, but they’re basically the same size and weight. The battery door on the Slider is plastic, not metal. One cool feature of the Slider is the way it slides open and closed. There is no way you can slide the device open accidentally. It seems the screen has a fairly strong spring that controls the sliding movements, and it will be interesting to see how it holds up after a year of intense usage. If the sliding mechanism doesn’t hold up, it would render the device almost useless.

As you would have expected, the Torch Slider has portrait and landscape modes, and if you’re in portrait mode, the screen is locked. OS 6 on the device looks nice and the global search feature is much appreciated. The homescreen is much more customizable, allowing you to add as many icons as you’d like. It’s too bad that nobody can demonstrate the new Webkit based browser because the service providers are blocking access to it. Hopefully these files will be opened up once the device launches and we’ll be able to bring the browser files to other devices. One of the best parts of the device? Four gigs of memory for apps!

BlackBerry 9670 Clamshell Oxford

The device shown in the video is an older device because it’s using a 3.2MP camera and rumor has it that the new device will use a 5.0MP camera. The device is heading for CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint and the 9670 in the video is running OS 5.2, the predecessor to OS 6. The clamshell only has 512MB of flash memory so it seems RIM’s latest devices are sort of all over the place in terms of memory. What’s really cool about the browser on the 9670 is that it has tabs! Tab browsing is a basic browser feature that users have been requesting for some time and it’s cool to see it in the 5.2 browser. Another cool feature of OS 5.2 is the ability to see CPU usage for the various apps that are running on your device. This native feature will allow you to try out new apps and see if they’re hogging your device CPU and you’ll know to uninstall.

BlackBerry 9300 Kepler

The Curve 9300 Kepler is basically the new 8520 and it’s 3G. The device has the familiar media keys on the top for listening to music. The device is T-Mobile branded and is running OS 5.0. The memory hasn’t been upgraded and it’s still 256MB, which is really disappointing. Other than that, it seems the default native theme has a semi-hidden dock feature which is sort of cool. There isn’t much to show but the device looks pretty nice. Hopefully, being the new 8520, the price point will be really low, especially because there is absolutely nothing new here.

What do you think? Looking forward to any of these devices?