YouVersion Bible Reader 2.2 with New Features and Huge User Success

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We haven’t mentioned YouVersion on BlackBerryCool in some time so I figured it was worth a post to share what has been going on with the app. YouVersion for BlackBerry is a Bible reader program that features a robust online database, reading plans, and sharing options. The app has had some great success with users including over 2 billion minutes of Scripture reading and over 650,000 mobile installations.

Managing the data for the over 40 different standards of English Bible translations and the 22 other languages is a vast undertaking. YouVersion has developed an ingenious system of keeping all the bible text on their servers and delivering your device only the content you want to read. This helps keep YouVersion a space-efficient app, weighing in at about 350k on my device.

There are lots of ways to read the Bible using YouVersion. After picking your translation (there are many English translations to choose from such as ASV), you can read it from cover to cover, search for specific passages, browse specific books, or use one of the multitudes of tailor-made reading plans. I found it very easy to find a good reading plan covering the parts I was interested in.

YouVersion has some good sharing options. You can share verses of interest through Twitter, Facebook, or by email. LifeChurch also have a contributor’s section at that is growing all the time with new reading plans and other info.

YouVersion 2.2 now supports all BlackBerry devices. Download your free copy of YouVersion for BlackBerry.

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