Free Phone Logger Lite Application Lets you Generate, Sort and Email Logs


Phone Logger Lite is a handy app that’s free and lets you generate call logs and sort them by date, type of call, duration and caller. You can also email reports based on these logs at any time. These emailed reports can come in a variety of formats including Excel, txt, or csv. The report logs include the date, person, phone number, call status, and duration. With this app, you are also not limited to seeing just the last 20 calls made, received or missed; you can see a rolling 30 day history of calls.

The applications of this app are entirely up to you and there are probably many reasons why users might want such an app. Being able to simply see a longer call history is nice, but also the ability to send reports helps. Is your mother saying you don’t call her enough? Email her the month’s history and prove you’re a good son/daughter.

Download Phone Logger Lite free for your BlackBerry.