Game Review: Peggle for BlackBerry by PopCap Games


Peggle is a Pachinko-inspired skill game developed by PopCap Games. Peggle is a hugely popular game that debuted on PC and has experienced a great deal of success on the Nintendo DS and other mobile platforms.

The object of Peggle is hit all of the orange pegs with a limited amount of balls. Pegs get cleared shortly after being hit by a ball. Regular blue pegs obscure many of your orange goal pegs when the round begins so it takes a bit of strategy to clear them all.

Guiding you through the Peggle experience are the Peggle masters. The different animals also represent what powerups you get to use when you hit a green peg on that stage. The Peggle masters give you tips as well as teach you how to use their specific powerup.

There is also a purple peg that takes the place of a blue peg every time you take a shot. The purple peg gives you bonus points and it distracts you from your goal of hitting the orange pegs. I only go for the purple peg if I can hit an orange one soon after. I also go for the purple pegs if I have a few balls left and only one orange peg remains. Though you get bonuses for extra balls when you clear a stage, the bonus is less than the extra points you would earn from hitting a few purple pegs before clearing the stage.

On the bottom of the level is a moving platform that catches balls that land on it. These balls are then placed into your ball inventory. This is a fantastic way to extend your play should your ball supply run low, but it takes expert timing.

When you complete a level you enter into a special mode called “Extreme Fever”. The perennial classic “Ode to Joy” is played as the final ball falls in slow motion into one of 5 pachinko goals that only appear when you’ve hit the last orange peg. There are also lots of pretty rainbows and stars during extreme fever, which makes you feel great when you complete a stage.

What makes this game such a hit for its 50 or so million players is the game’s style and design. The Peggle masters are cute animals that say funny things, the backgrounds are serene, and the orange pegs have a random position so it’s different every time you play.

I find that Peggle for BlackBerry lacks accuracy when aiming the ball. Often times I aim back and forward again hoping to find an angle that’s in between the two shots the game is allowing me to make. This is most likely so that the “super accuracy” powerup has a bit of weight to it.

I would rather they scrapped that powerup for this version so that the range of shots that you can possibly make are more similar to the shots allowed on the PC and iPhone versions of Peggle. This one factor alone has led to earning much lower scores on the BlackBerry version. Also, levels that I could pass easily with balls to spare on the PC version are now barely passable on the BlackBerry.

I give Peggle for BlackBerry 2.5 stars out of a possible 5. Peggle for BlackBerry would have received a perfect score if the aiming were more similar to Peggle on other platforms. It’s funny how such a small play dynamic can have such a big effect on gameplay. When I play Peggle for BlackBerry: I’m all thumbs.

Peggle for BlackBerry costs $6.99 from Bplay.

  • Suziqzer

    Thanks for the review. Was hoping for a better rating than that, but good to know before I made the purchase.

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    i want this game:D

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