Gowalla for BlackBerry Now in Public Beta with Trips Coming Soon


Gowalla let us know that they have released an update to Gowalla for BlackBerry and it’s now in full public beta. The app allows users to share photos and comments, as well as receive better notification options. Similar to Gowalla on other platforms, Gowalla for BlackBerry will soon implement Trips and Items on the BlackBerry interface, allowing users to share even more with their communities and social networks.

Gowalla Trips is a unique feature of the location based service that allows users to add a series of destinations to a list and call it a Trip. On other platforms, users can add up to 20 spots of their choosing, then publish it to Gowalla. Their published trips are viewable in the Gowalla app by their friends.

To download the Gowalla public beta, visit Gowalla.com on your BlackBerry device or download it to your desktop and sync it to your device.

Gowalla is also looking for loyal Gowalla Passport holders to make the experience even richer. Users are encouraged to share feedback and suggest support on Gowalla’s BlackBerry site, or by emailing blackberry@gowalla.com.

  • endlessike

    How is this different from foursquare?

  • http://twitter.com/xstex Stephen Robinson

    If you read the article and have used foursquare you'd know straight away several differences.

  • endlessike

    1) You can already share comments in foursquare, so if sharing photos is the only difference, i'll pass.

    2) the Gowalla website is blocked at my office so I can't get more info from their site - thanks for being a huge d-bag

  • http://twitter.com/xstex Stephen Robinson

    Oh noes he called me a names on the interwebz

  • brandon

    Gowalla is like Foursquare for adults.. in that you're not competing with people to become mayor of the bar you go to every night, but you try to collect places.. It's more fun for travelling because you have a virtual passport and can trade virtual souvenirs, post photos, comments, etc. Plus they have great looking graphics, icons, etc for various places.

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