BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 Limited Beta Invites Going Out Today


blackberry desktop manager

RIM is moving at a really great pace lately when it comes to updating their software. The beta program is an excellent idea as it helps users get fast access to software and lets them know that they’re working hard to give users a better overall experience. The latest newcomer to the beta program is the upcoming BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0. The first invitations to join the program are going out, or have gone out today for Beta Zone members. Make sure to register today and hopefully you will get your invite.

Register for the Beta Zone at and click through for more screenshots of Desktop Manager 6.

blackberry desktop manger 6

  • Matt Adams

    So hoping showing screenshots of a Bold 9700 with Desktop Software 6.0, it will get OS 6.0

  • Donny

    DEEP hoping!!

  • Donny

    Come to think of it … I don't like this reliance and waste of code to generate pop-up windows for notifications like synching. This should be done in the bottom 20% of the window … fade out the rest and just have 5 simple main buttons: Minimize, Maximize, CLOSE, CANCEL, Restore to that other size button. FADE out the rest.