Xobni for BlackBerry Beta Updated with LinkedIn “Sign-in” Integration


Xobni (inbox backwards) are well known for their popular Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows you to manage your email and contacts, as well as discover more about those you work with. Xobni for BlackBerry is a great way to find contacts on your device as the app sorts them based on frequency of communication and gives you one click access for getting in touch with these contacts.

Along with Xobni for BlackBerry, users can also download Xobni One. Xobni One is a service that connects your Outlook and Xobni for BlackBerry. This feature adds cloud functionality to the Xobni service, allowing you to get the same rich profile data but for anyone you have ever emailed, regardless of when the app was installed.

Xobni for BlackBerry has been updated in beta form and is currently being tested before a wider release.

The improvements for this release include:

  • Performance improvements for BlackBerrry local data integration
  • Performance improvements for scrolling in the search results
  • Better integration with Blackberry Address book
  • Trials and gift code activation
  • Phone number source and email snippet from Xobni One/Outlook
  • Xobni one status dialog
  • LinkedIn “Sign-in” integration for additional data access (in Options)

You can download the latest version at http://bb.xobni.com/beta.