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Asteroid Blast for BlackBerry is a space survival shooter by The game is a clone of Atari’s groundbreaking Asteroids game released in 1979.

The object of the game is to evade and destroy asteroids as well as battle hostile flying saucers. You small triangular ship can propel itself in any direction as well as hyperspace to a random spot on the screen if you should find yourself in a tight spot. After clearing all of the asteroids and flying saucers, a new set of asteroids will appear for you to destroy. Shooting a big asteroid will break it up into smaller pieces, so try not to break up too many big asteroids because it’s difficult to dodge 20 tiny on-screen asteroids.


The controls are very well tuned with some options to either preserve or decay your ships’ inertia. The hyperspace is beautifully done; it seems to deposit you in a relatively safe area too.


The flying saucers’ AI is superb. They are about as nimble and annoying as a hard-to-kill housefly, which makes destroying a flying saucer extremely satisfying. Surviving for a long time and going on a big run feels great.


The game encourages you to aim carefully too. Only about 4 of your ships’ shots can be on the screen at any one time so if you let all 4 go, you’ll be out of ammo until at least one of them hits something or disappears.


The graphics are an appropriate interpretation to this style of classic game: vector-drawn shapes. My high-contrast Bold screen was perfect for representing something vector drawn with ultra-crisp white lines.

I give Asteroid Blast for BlackBerry 4 stars out of a possible 5. I adore Asteroid Blast for BlackBerry. They seemed to have captured the spirit of the original while making the controls as great as possible. It would have been cool to see some online leaderboards. The original Asteroids underestimated players’ score-earning potential; the score counter would roll over from 99990 points back to zero. I would be curious to see what high scores people could get in this version and I’m saddened to see BlackBerry’s connectivity squandered.

More information about Asteroid Blast for BlackBerry available in the store.

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