Google Previews Google Maps 4.4 “Coming Soon for BlackBerry”


Google Maps

It’s incredible how fast Google updates its products. That is the beauty of having a company that is so engineer-heavy. Google Maps for Android has seen 6 updates in 6 months and today the company previewed Google Maps 4.4 and said that BlackBerry will see the update soon.

Google Maps 4.4 features a new Places feature that lets you look up restaurants, theaters, retail and all manner of businesses. This new feature is also integrated into a voice-based search that lets you simply say “ice cream” and you get a list of the nearby ice cream shops. The Places feature also gives you reviews, photos, prices, parking, menu links, compass direction (for supported devices), direction and distance.

Be sure to check for the update at

  • Andrew

    I wonder if there is any hope for Navigation to come to BlackBerry?

  • Rld121472

    Andrew. No Kidding. There has to be some issue why Google won't give us this! If anyone knows why PLEASE share. I am DYING for a voice navigation system!!!! Bold 9700. ATT screws us by not letting us have blackberry maps and I don't want to pay $10. PLEASE someone shed some light on this! Thanks