New GPS Rangefinder Golf App by AccelGolf Now Available

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This week, AccelGolf launched a new BlackBerry version of their GPS Rangefinder and Scorecard app. The app works for the BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Tour, Storm, Storm2, 8800, and Pearl models. The GPS Rangefinder app provides three modes of distance tracking:

Landmarks View - Use this list of landmarks to check your precise distance to the front, center, and back of green, and distance to hazards.

Aerial Hole View - See the entire course before tee-off to determine distances for your planned strokes. Plan all shots before tee-off with a plotter that provides distances required for each stroke.

Aerial Green View - Before your approach shot, check your distance to any point on the green with pinpoint accuracy.

A full-featured scorecard is also included with this application. The included scorecard gives you the ability to know how far you hit with each club, access to statistics, understand strengths and deficiencies in your play and store every game with a complete history of play.

AccelGolf’s GPS Rangefinder and Scorecard is reasonably priced at $9.99 and can be downloaded from their site. Hope you’re enjoying the season!

  • Markb

    i've been looking for a new gps golf app for my 9700. can you please confirm it works with the bold 2?

  • Brandon

    @Markb I haven’t personally tested it, but you can download the app for free and get 3 free trials of the rangefinder.

  • greenfee

    Excellent! I particularly like the facility to preview the course prior to your round so you can work out your strategy. At $9.99 you can't really go wrong can you especially when a stand alone golf GPS or Rangefinder could cost X30 that price.

  • GPS tracking

    This is what I have been looking for a long time recently, hope it support Symbian cell phone.

  • Dennis

    This is not easy. I wish there was something to tell you how to set up the program. I finally took it to a course. I like the way is recorded strokes, but I could not find any way to get the distance to the pin or obstacles to work. Not very user friendly. I paid $30 and the help button is to send and email.

  • James

    Pity to hear that the distance calculation doesn’t work. That would be one of the more powerful features and could be great for tracking the stats of your round.

  • golf range finder

    nice stuff, i like it.

  • golf range finder

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