Verizon Giving End of Life Status to Storm2 9550 and Curve 8530

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Verizon end of life

Verizon may be giving the BlackBerry Storm2 9550 and the Curve 8530 an End of Life. This seems like a very fast EOL notice considering these devices are less than a year old, so it makes you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes that would lead to this. Both of these devices have updates on the way, with the Curve 9300 acting as a replacement for the 8530 and the Storm2 is getting a refresh for BlackBerry 6. The exact details of the End of Life notices are as follows:

BlackBerry Curve 8530:
The Curve2 is end of life – Final Shipments August
Refer to the “Stock Check” tool in POS for on hand availability
Device will retire on 8/1, replacement coming in Q3/Q4

BlackBerry Storm2 (9550):
The Storm2 is end of life – Final Shipments August
Refer to the “Stock Check” tool in POS for on hand availability
Device will retire on 8/15, replacement coming in Q3/Q4

It’s good to know that these devices are getting refreshed, but it’s too bad that users won’t be able to take advantage of really cheap devices that are a little outdated. It seems that carriers are really only concerned with early adopters who are ready to pay more for devices.

  • endlessike

    Seems obvious to me…. Verizon doesn't want to be selling phones that can't run the latest BB OS.

    People get pissed off when they get a “great deal” but find out it can't do any of the things that the newest RIM TV spots are showing off.

  • BlackBerryBites

    I get pissed off when the salesman sells you the phone, thinking you are getting the latest and greatest, only to find out they are outdated in 2 weeks. A few weeks after I got my Curve, they brought out the Tour…and then another upgrade (it seems) every month after that. Very poor Customer Service, if you ask me!

  • BB8530

    Maybe vz and bb can work out an early upgrade for those of us who bought one of these phones. I've been very pleased with the 8530. the only disappointment is that some apps don't support it. guess that's not gonna change now.

  • Ghlover0508

    Just got my new Storm 2 in the mail 2 hours ago…

  • Eric at Ebscer

    Perhaps this means new phones sooner than we thought?

  • Eric at Ebscer

    I don't think it is too likely that the 9330 would be supported by anything that the 8530 isn't…

  • N_palafox

    Did I miss something??? Verizon is not updating the Storm 2 with blackberry 6. The device failed in test.

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