Antennagate Utility Measures Radio Signal and ‘Death Grip’ Scenarios


Last week we wrote about a signal measuring app from Xtreme Labs that was launched in response to the claims made by Apple that the Bold 9700 and other smartphones have antenna issues. has launched its BlackBerry radio monitoring utility called Antennagate, which has some great features to help you get a better picture of your radio’s status. Antennagate produces a chart that refreshes over a specified time interval so you have a visual representation of what is going on with your radio signal.

Features of the Antennagate app include:

  • Track antenna signal over time
  • Carrier antenna signal
  • WiFi antenna signal
  • Customizable refresh interval
  • Customizable display options
  • Screenshots
  • Use to find best reception indoors
  • Use to test “Death Grip”

Check out the Antennagate app by in our store.

  • Ignacio Muñoz

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