BlackBerry Torch vs BlackBerry Storm2 Acid3 Test


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This isn’t anything we didn’t already know but it’s fun to see the Torch destroy the Storm2 on an Acid3 test. As we’ve already seen, the Torch comes in at 100/100 and the Storm2 comes in with a measly 26/100. The time it takes to render the tests is also a pretty staggering difference.

  • LivingLifeMobile

    WTF? I did an Acid 3 test on my Storm2 and 93/100

  • Eric at Ebscer

    I've gotten 91/100 on the OS5.…

    Still OS6 is far faster and maybe even quicker than my computer…

  • Verizon the Terrible

    why is that fun?
    I bought a storm2 in march and now i have to wait until november of next year to get a new phone credit. I WAS a loyal BB user but now that they dikked me im selling my phone on ebay and getting me an Incredible!

  • Prom1

    Why did you buy a smartphone with an outstandingly horrible reviews just about everywhere you look, that is also 6mths old?!! Its your hard earned dollar, its RIM's second generation of a touchscreeen, Storm 2, and you didn't read or try it out? If you did all of that - you should NOT rely on OS 6 to be released - the experience would falter.

  • Prom1

    Also RIM didn't screw you! You did it to yourself - and with the Incredible you'll most likely do it again to yourself: thinking OS upgrades - significant OS upgrades - will be available for your purchased devices BEFORE their even official and NOT promised by the manufacturer!!

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