Why Do You Use a BlackBerry? CNN Talks to BlackBerryCool


CNN recently put up a story addressing the issue “Why do people still use BlackBerrys” with the subtitle “It’s the smartphone everyone owns - and no one seems to like.” The article points to three anecdotal reasons that BlackBerry users have for liking the device including: the keyboard, red notification light and the fact that most are given one by their work.

The article starts off on a negative note, saying that “BlackBerry isn’t hip, high-tech or cheaper than its main competitors” which is all very questionable. Not only does the article not bother to justify this statement, but it also is making a common mistake that all mainstream media seem to be making these days. Somehow the media has it in their head that people don’t like BlackBerrys and they aren’t up to par with the competition.

BlackBerry isn’t hip? What could possibly be more hip than almost every single celebrity in Hollywood owning a BlackBerry? BlackBerry isn’t high-tech? Sure, the browser on the BlackBerry has been pretty awful but Triple DES encryption and the ability to talk between apps is pretty awesome. BlackBerry isn’t cheaper than the competition? There are 4 BlackBerry models that are free from Wal-Mart and the 8520/8530 models come in a variety of colors, also for free.

BBCool’s Nan Palmero chimed in on the article and agreed the BlackBerry keyboard is a huge selling feature. “They really go to great lengths to raise plastic in certain ways on the keys,” he said of the tactile keyboard’s design. “They kind of describe it as guitar frets: Your hand naturally knows where to go and where to be.”

What are the some of the reasons you use a BlackBerry? Personally, one of the main reasons I use it is because I get things done faster. I’ve used an iPhone and it’s a terrible waste of time and productivity. Have you ever used the keyboard on the DROID? It’s awful and feels very unnatural. None of these smartphones can compete in raising the quality of life by allowing you to take care of business faster.

  • http://twitter.com/footose Harry Scanlan

    great article.

  • http://twitter.com/ale7714Designs Ale!

    I find very sad the article on CNN, okay he do not like the BlackBerry. But as social communicator he is, he should talk with a bit of truth and objectivity in his article. What bothers me most is that these kind of writers write as if they were a scientific or expert that only they knows the truth and many of readers believe them without even thinking about what they read .

  • http://twitter.com/ColinYO ColinYO

    fuck this anyone who hates BlackBerry are either poor or worse own an iphone everyone thinks the iphone is replacing the blackberry well thats a matter of opinion which i'm happily willing to belittle you about never liked the iphone never will, i dont see madonna with her iphone anymore oh wait yeah she was given one for the very first time and she's not using it anymore what does that say (BB Rules(9700))

  • http://www.timbossie.com Tim Bossie

    This seems to be the general consensus anyway. Engadget has articles putting down RIM, Mashable has article putting down the new Torch, and plenty of other big name tech sites that are so in love with their Droid or iPhone. I own a Storm 2. And, I am very happy with it. In fact, I love it! I use my Blackberry for social media, playing music, reading RSS feeds (BerryReader rocks!), update my blogs, keep in touch with clients through email and IM, navigate the web through Bolt, watch movies and tether it to my Ideapad. So, I guess my Storm 2 does alright for itself.

  • http://digg.com/users/OmegaWolf Silver Fang

    Honestly, my main reason to use the Berry is that I refuse to get into expensive service contracts and the Berry is on Boost Mobile for $60/month UNLIMITED EVERYTHING! It's just a no-brainer.

    On my Berry, I can watch YouTube, get email, check Facebook, MySpace and Twitter (via Twibble). The native browser sucks, but I use Bolt and don't have a problem. I listen to music, take pictures and videos.

    I also love how the Berry supports basic, but important things like turning itself on and off at scheduled times, extensively customizable sound profiles, the ability to make an MP3 a ring/text tone, copy/pasting text natively between apps.

    And yes, the keyboard and the red light are important too.

  • Frank Castle

    Unless you didn't notice it CNN is one of the biggest Apple fanboy sites running. I don't just own a Blackberry, I support over 5,000 of them and nothing on the market (trust me I get pretty much every major device and have fantastic reps from every major carrier) even comes close to being a enterprise calibur device you can deploy, manage and support. Sure we could deploy an iPhone or Android but what would that provide?

    - lousy security (frankly none)

    - crappy managment
    - time wasting apps
    - personal usage that eats away any productivity benefit (games, useless apps)

    I don't look down from a Blackberry perch though, I also use an iPhone 4 and have all the latest Androids (heck we still get Windows Mobile device in) and we're just talking about two totally different markets.

    it's like Dell XPS compared to Dell Inspiron. Of course a CONSUMER is going to drool over the nicer hardware on the XPS. How many large corporations are deploying iPhone 4? Not many - Apple forgets to add in all their marketing any growth they have is where personal liable is allowed. They might have a number of companies “evalutating it, or a pilot” going on but it seldom results in any major migration. It's brought in for the “my gadget is bigger then yours” executive set but we continue to deploy Bold's and Curves by the truckload. Hell years after putting our BES in we average 100 new devices a month! If / when the economy ever turns around RIM has the infrastructure in place when spending returns. And in case anyone forgets they now have a free BES (Express) that is very appealing to anywhere that doesn't have robust security needs.

    So is the Torch everything and the be all smartphone? No. Is it a nice upgrade and brings new features to enterprise users? - YES. I was always puzzled why such a security focused device trickled into the consumer space as frankly it's not designed at all for the typical soccer mom. It's focus is messaging / PIM. The funny thing is every single media outlet is fixation on Apps, mobile interest when the real growth driver the past 3 years has been TXT messaging. It's exploded in usage and Blackberry fits that need. It's on every carrier, is pretty inexpensive and to same some $$ BBM BB to BB is under your data plan.

    Sorry I'm rambling but I'm tired of blogs and media expecting RIM to come out and be Apple. It's not in their DNA, they get blasted for offering new features to their large user base (which is really not shrinking as much as media likely to spin). The irony is Apple gets a pass for things any other smartphone maker would be railed about:

    - ongoing security issues
    - faulty design
    - single carrier (states)
    - limited form factor

  • papped

    It's extremely easy to use and multitask…. That and touchscreen keyboards blow for full-time use…

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    I get why people don”t like it. They want their tons of applications. I always ask people who use iPhones “What is so special about the applications you have?” most of them are always dumb founded. There all consumer based games and widgets and just junk applications that mean nothing to the user at all. They don't know why they want them and they are useless games and trinkets. I have found the BlackBerry gets my job done and yeah i have a fun time killers on my BlackBerry but I barely use them. If i am bored I watch a TV show or listen to music. People just want to be able to do anything with their phone even though they don't know what they want to do with that anything when they get it.

    They are a bunch of people in a grate big huge field that have no idea what to put in it so other exploit that and sell them stupid trinkets to fill the field up and make a few bucks.

    If you are a iPhone user tell me how many actual application you have bought (paid real money for) that are productive and have something to do with some kind of addition to society.

  • http://afrolatinocomputing.blogspot.com Sam Hobson

    I've used Android and iPhone, and have always gone back to BlackBerry. I suppose it is the keyboard and the red light, though not so much business since I'm only a high school senior.

    One thing that always draws me back is the battery life. Both Android and iPhone have lousy battery life, usually only making it through a day on limited usage. I constantly finding myself making changes to settings, such as disabling GPS, 3G, and/or Bluetooth, and monitoring what the phone is doing just to conserve battery life. On a BlackBerry, I don't have to do that. I can leave all that stuff on and make it through almost 3 days on one charge.

    The only thing I wish BlackBerry had that iPhone and Android have is the wide range of apps. I'm sorry, but I'm the type of guy Caspan is describing: enjoying trivial and time wasting apps, though I do use some productive ones. I can get the productivity from a BlackBerry, but I miss the games and apps from the iPhone. I miss the variety of games, the graphics, and apps as trivial and pointless as a piano that makes cat noises.

    But despite the app thing, it would not be a deal-breaker, and if I had to choose between an iPhone and a BlackBerry, it would sure as hell be the BlackBerry.

  • Dtlinh Ck17

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  • Dtlinh Ck17

    i want known cost of blackberry 8520,9000, please!

  • Dtlinh Ck17

    i want known cost of blackberry 8520,9000, please!

  • Dtlinh Ck17

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  • Dtlinh Ck17

    hello everybody, who can sent shop blackberry list for me? thank so much

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