Wrath Retro Shooter Available as Deal of the Day (50% Off)


The fast action shooter Wrath is today’s deal of the day which makes it 50% off. The game was made specifically for the BlackBerry Storm and uses the accelerometer to guide your ship. Wrath has a lot of gameplay available and you can use the BlackBerry Media player to listen to your own tunes while you play. This game features:

  • 6 Different enemy drones.
  • 3 Boss fights.
  • 7 Power-ups.
  • Ship control uses accelerometer or touch screen.
  • BlackBerry Media player playlists for sound track.
  • High score.
  • Submit high score to internet.
  • Music & sound effects at the same time.
  • Save and resume between shut down and reboots.

Check out Wrath in the store and take advantage of this great deal.