FileScout 2.0 Launched with Zip File Exploring and Touch Support


FileScout has announced it is now in version 2.0 with full touchscreen support (Storm, Storm2 and Torch) as well as a new way to browse ZIP file content. A cool new feature to FileScout 2.0 is the addition of a RibbonBar at the bottom of the screen that allows you quick access to FileScout features. To copy or move a file, simply use the shortcuts in the RibbonBar.

To browse ZIP file content, simply navigate the directory structure as you would in Windows Explorer or MacOS Finder. You can select multiple files across the zip structure and extract just your selection.

Check out FIleScout 2.0 which is reasonably priced at $6.99 and comes with a great trial option. Click through after the jump for the change log.

Updates include:

* RibbonBar for TouchScreen Devices (incl. the new 9800 aka Torch)
Please see the new FileScout Ribbon Actions manual page for detailed explanation concerning the functionality of the different Ribbon buttons
* MultiSelect TouchScreen Devices: Use two fingers to mark the start and the end of your selection - just like in any other application that support multiple select
Please note, that if you like to select multiple files/directories that are not directly below each other you can make use of the new “Select” Ribbon button
* MultiSelect Keyboard Devices: Simply hold down SHIFT while scrolling to select multiple files
* ZIP Browsing: When you have marked a ZIP you can select, if you would like to extract the complete archive or if you would like browse the content of the ZIP.
If you like to can also change the default behavior for ZIP files in the “File association” Options - select between Extract ZIP, Browse Content or Ask each Time.
* New ZIP-Browsing Key ShortCuts (TouchScreen Devices will show a own ZIP-Browsing RibbonBar to offer identical functionality):
[ENTER]: Open Directory/Subdirectory
[ESC]: One Directory Up (this will close the ZIP when you are in the ZIP )
[SPACE]: Mark File/Directory
[A]: Extract complete ZIP -> (A)ll
[E]: (E)xtract the Section (or current marked Entry)
[C]: (C)lose the ZIP
* Small Menu tweak for OS6 (to keep the OS and FileSout MenuItems separated from each other)
* When the ‘File Rename Dialog’ will be opened the filename is already selected

Fixes include:

* Opening directories containing a lot of files should be way faster then before
* Possible dead lock while browsing images fixed
* A lot of small tweaks and some small menu name adjustments