BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 Now Available for Download


blackberry desktop manager 6

BlackBerry Desktop Manager has been updated with some decent improvements as well as support for the BlackBerry Torch 9800. While Mac users will still not be able to connect their Torch to their computer, the majority of users are PC so it makes sense to tackle this segment first. The latest Desktop Manager features:

  • An improved UI
  • More Media Sync features such as the ability to import and sync media from one location
  • BlackBerry Torch and Curve 3G support
  • The ability to manage your music collection over your home WiFi network

Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 from

  • Firewalker96

    Sucks that it still only support 32-bit Outlook 2010!

  • Dawn33713

    Alot of trouble to synch “organizer”. Not worth it.

  • Sat Vratv

    bad one.

  • Koowie

    It’s quite limited.

  • Adebayooluwafemi

    i need blackberry software  for upgradeing my phones

  • Adebayooluwafemi

    i need software without internet ?

  • Farhankhan209

    i need software reload 513

  • Mancy_2000


  • Jayden120

    does this work with all blackberrys

  • Kisnaomar

    thanks for it

  • Magdi Imam

    thanks for promrams

  • Kishordj

    blackberry not connet pc

  • ola

    i have a problem with my bbm 9330 os 6 .. when i put in a charge to charge, it doesn’t charge and it keep saying the device can not charge .. and please any1 with any idea of what is wrong and what is solution

  • khizar hayat

    becuse your bettry is incroupted for this b.berry please change a betry….. i will sure your cell to charge a bettry

  • TRSJR13

    Let’s get one thing RIGHT! The above is NOT the blackberry MANAGER!!! It’s the SOFTWARE!!!! the MANAGER IS DIFFERENT!!!

  • kaimyurl

    i need the sofware were i can connect my phone to browse

  • Tiana

    I dont know how to remove the IT policy from my blackberry…..can anybody help?

  • Skillion

    can my 8100 be updated from 4.3 to 6.0